Identity crisis? Not here.

By David Scott, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Avid's IdentityOccasionally it’s good to draw back to 30,000 feet and get a full perspective on things. After popping the cork on 14 years in business, I felt it was time to do that with Avid itself. And I liked what I saw.

Over the past three years we’ve been working very hard to add to our service offering, and sometimes it can seem like we’re just bringing a bunch of disjointed stuff to market, as new service follows new service. But the full picture is coming clearly into view.

A complete foundation.

We’re now able to offer a complete foundation for a business’s communications/network needs. We’ve long managed the firewall and provided the basics like switches and wiring, but now, through our new division – Avid CyberSecurity – we are able to secure that network in sophisticated ways and at low price points that are really a breakthrough in the general business market. 

We are now delivering advanced networking services like SD-WAN that allow us to stitch together multiple offices and provide access to remote workers–and again do this at an affordable price. Our network design service can tackle complex problems for larger businesses, although we also find this service to be essential for smaller, high tech firms as well. 

VoIP for Businesses

Our traditional strength of providing Hosted VoIP for businesses, has gained new vitality with a suite of specialized services. Clients have long used Hosted VoIP features to cobble together a “call center” operation, but that took a huge stride forward with our formal Call Center service that added dashboards, supervisor functions and reporting. And then we followed that with a Contact Center service that is truly industrial strength, with an amazing array of features. 

We were proud to be able to offer both of these services at much more economical price points. (Do you see a theme developing here?)

Video Conferencing

Our brand new video conferencing service has taken off like wildfire. Internally, we wonder what we did without it, as its high acoustical quality, ease of use and variety of functions to share documents and screens sure makes a business meeting, large or small, go off smoothly.

And there are other offerings, such as call recording, video surveillance and secure managed Wi-Fi that are too numerous to detail here.

Increasingly we’re designing multi-faceted service offerings that aren’t just a replacement of a competitor’s service, but are a whole new thing–an exciting leap forward for the client. And wouldn’t you know, more often than not, the service package saves them substantial money.

A dozen new services.

All told, In the last couple of years we’ve launched a dozen new services. And while, of course, not every client needs every service, I wouldn’t want Avid being in the business right now without any of these. They fit together into a comprehensive portfolio, and having them in our kit bag allows us to offer awesome solutions to a wide array of demands by business both large and small. 

So we’re liking our identity right now. And after taking a quick breath to enjoy the accomplishments, we’re getting back to working on the next new thing.

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