Productivity improves when employees are free to move about the workplace.

Sounds great, right? But just hanging a residential-grade antenna won’t do the job. Lousy bandwidth, gaping security holes, and poor reliability are common. Commercial WiFi systems solve some of those problems, but they’re often expensive.

Avid sets up affordable, commercial-grade WiFi networks with anywhere from one access point to dozens of them. We design coverage — even in places where frequencies are saturated or signals are blocked by concrete and steel. And we’ll make sure your guest network’s completely unwelcoming… to hackers.

We’ll give you a web portal that continually monitors the number of users and traffic on your network, and the health of your WiFi system. Avid can remotely address your WiFi issues, which means we’ll often resolve issues even before you’re aware of them. When required, we dispatch our technicians to ensure your system’s working as designed.

Avid provides the equipment and support you need for a Managed WiFi system at a fraction of the cost of most rival commercial systems. So, you are now free to move about the office.