Customer Spotlight: Missouri Organic Recycling

Missouri Organic Recycling FeaturedBy Mark Lindsay, Account Executive at Avid Communications.

Missouri Organic Recycling was founded in 1992 by the Anderson family. Every year they divert more than 32 million pounds of food waste from area landfills, which is enough to cover fifteen football fields a foot deep. They combine food waste with a portion of the more than 150,000 cubic yards of brush brought to their facilities to create 54 million pounds of compost annually.

Mission: To produce the highest quality products that their customers can depend on year after year, manufactured from waste that might otherwise be landfilled, burned, or dumped illegally.

Missouri Organic Recycling has been an Avid customer since 2011

They have eight physical locations in the KC Metro. We’ve connected two of them in just the last year. There are four locations open to the public… including the Northland, Kansas City, KS, Kansas City, MO and Southern Kansas City.

When it comes to internet connectivity, we leverage whatever is available to reach them at their physical locations. We’ve implemented T1s, cable modems and fixed wireless services for internet connectivity between their offices.

They’re using our VoIP phone service and love it! All of their locations are connected… In other words, they can transfer calls to someone down the hall or across town with the press of a button. It’s a seamless experience for the employees. And it just works, which is what all businesses need from their phone system.

Our primary point of contact is Kevin Anderson who owns Missouri Organic Recycling. He’s been great to work with because he knows exactly what he needs as his company grows. We’ve had a lot of experience turning up new locations together.

So thanks to Kevin and MOR for being a great customer for almost a decade!

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