Do you loathe trying to join a video conference?

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Accession Communicator LogoHistorically, I really, really disliked getting a request for a video conference meeting.

My typical experience was spending some time downloading and configuring specific software for the meeting. When the meeting was supposed to start, others would struggle getting connected… adding to the pain and delaying the start of the meeting. Once the meeting actually started, the audio quality was typically awful, requiring me to dial-in to hear the audio reasonably well.

Avid’s enhanced video conferencing and collaboration service eliminates these issues.

Avid adds screen sharing, document sharing and video conferencing to its unified messaging platform (Accession).

Building on our successful unified communication client (smartphone, tablet and desktop), we have added collaboration tools and video conferencing.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Presentation Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Feature rich softphone 
    • Chat
    • Presence
    • Text (SMS)
    • Call Jump
    • Smartphone, tablet, desktop
    • Integrated into our advanced hosted IP voice services network
  • Scalable to 200 attendees per meeting, 1000 webinar participants
  • complete, low-cost, conference room systems

Organizations are increasingly relying on video conferencing and collaboration tools to improve productivity and include remote participants.  Avid’s cloud model for providing unified communications can significantly lower costs, reduce complexity and significantly improve the overall user experience.

Avid’s unified communication solution is very easy to scale–up to 200 attendees per meeting and webinars that can include 1,000 participants.  As with all of Avid’s solutions, complete training and customer support is always available.

Avid’s enhanced conferencing meeting and collaboration service, provides a very high quality experience.  Not only are conferences a snap to setup (for internal and external participants), Avid’s solution will eliminate those poor quality video conferences that become painful trying to hear what participants are trying to say.

If you want to learn more about Avid’s unified messaging solution, give us a call at call at 816/994-7070 or visit our website.

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