Avid Joins Forces with ALLO Communications


Work with us and we’ll protect your data and your client relationships.

We put meaningful cybersecurity protection within reach for any size business.

With most options, effective cybersecurity can be a budget buster for any business–but especially for businesses with less than 1,000 employees. Yet cyber-criminals are targeting these businesses as well, and a breach can be devastating. 

And security-compliance requirements such as HIPPA, PCI and GDPR are becoming table-stakes for businesses of all sizes.

Avid brings effective cybersecurity within reach of businesses of all sizes.

A firewall is not enough.

While central to your security plan, a network firewall–even a next-generation device–is not enough to protect you from today’s sophisticated attacks that originate from global criminal organizations. Avid employs next-generation firewalls coupled with cloud-based artificial intelligence, real time monitoring, event logging and other advanced techniques to keep you and your business safe. 

It takes a village.

Our security team includes security experts with the highest degree of cybersecurity certification, seasoned network engineers and other security experts who work collaboratively with you and your IT support to craft a security plan that covers on-site protection, cloud-based requirements and mobile devices.

And the team remains vigilant, responding to your change requests immediately and analyzing potential threats in real time. 

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