A story we never thought we would write.

A story we never thought we'd write.

"Avid Communications is working closely with AT&T to serve…
Avid Communications: T-1, A Eulogy

T1: A Eulogy

By Shelby Fuchs, Marketing Communications Specialist for Avid…
Coffee Cup

Sunday morning at 7:30am.

For Avid and our customer base of commercial users, early Sunday…

Gigabit Complete at social service agency

Jackson County CASA just moved to Google Fiber and Avid's Gigabit…

Ordering Google Fiber: what about the static IPs?

Most businesses signing up for Google Fiber ask us the question…
Omie: The Avid Owl

Adapt or die

Adapt or die. These days those words have never been more true. When…

Google Fiber: network centerpiece for your business

We're about five months in to Google Fiber's business offering,…

Don't fear fixed wireless

We recently ran across an article that addresses the objections…

What are the odds? Google Fiber availability

At $100 per month for a gigabit connection over a brand-new fiber…