Customer Spotlight: Unbound

By Mark Lindsay, Account Executive at Avid Communications.

Unbound LogoWe recently started supporting Unbound, a not-for-profit located in Kansas City, Kansas. Exciting!

We had called on them a couple of years ago but they were under contract. The timing was right, and they wanted to talk with Avid about how could help them. The answer ended up being just about everything we offer.


Our team was on site doing training support for most of a week because Unbound has more than one hundred employees. (It helps that Unbound is only about a mile away from our office on Southwest Boulevard.) We had three trainers doing training classes at the same time for groups of 5-10 people over the course of two days.

Unbound has great people on their team… case in point, a couple of their staff were digging into the phones to learn as much as possible about features and how to change certain settings. They ended up being really helpful during the installation week as they pitched in to support their peers.

Here are some of the technologies that we’re helping Unbound to leverage in their organization:

Call Center

Unbound operates a multi-lingual call center because they provide services to more than 300,000 people in 18 countries. The flexibility of our call center solution was critical. Unbound has several different groups of people operating the call center, and they can move resources in real-time between call groups.

Overhead Paging Speakers

These speakers allow Unbound to reach everyone in their facility for impromptu meetings, general announcements and emegencies.

Physical Phones and Soft Phones

Certain groups have dedicated physical phones (like most offices) and others have PC based soft phone capabilities. This allows their staff the ultimate in flexibility. They can call from physical phones, their computers and even their mobile phones using our softphone mobile application.

Unbound is using Google Fiber. Avid was the first Google Fiber Tech Partner in Kansas City, so we’ve got plenty of experience providing our services over Google Fiber connections.

We’re proud to be supporting Unbound and their efforts to make a difference!


More About Unbound

Unbound partners with families living in poverty, empowering them to become self-sufficient and fulfill their desired potential. When someone sponsors a child, young adult or elder through Unbound, they are investing in personalized benefits that support goals chosen by the sponsored individual and their family. And with 92.7 percent of Unbound’s expenses going toward program support, contributions are working hard to meet the needs of those that are sponsored.
Visit the Unbound Website.

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