Avid Joins Forces with ALLO Communications

Network Design | Cloud Migration

Trying to figure out this cloud thing can be overwhelming. Work with us and we’ll make it easy.

Who can you trust to manage your cloud migration? Avid–that’s who.

We’re experts in network design and management, everything from the wiring in your office to your critical applications in the cloud. Our engineers will draw on our experience designing thousands of networks to provide you the right solution for your requirements.

  • With our VoIP platform, we’ve been migrating services to the cloud before it was cool–15 years and running.
  • We know how to integrate and secure voice, data and video–not a strength for Managed Service Providers.
  • Our 24×7 Network Operations Center monitors the health of your entire network, alerting us to issues from power outages to cyber-attacks.
  • We’re not here to sell you more hardware. Our solutions are driven by your needs and are the most cost effective you will find.
  • Our solutions will meet or exceed your cybersecurity requirements, including HIPAA, PCI and GDPR.
  • We will meet your requirements for high availability, including the deployment of SD-WAN.
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