Moving your business’ critical applications to the cloud can reduce capital expenditures while increasing scalability.

Work from anywhere and collaborate with anyone. It’s easier to keep your software and systems up to date. Your data’s always backed up and disaster recovery is easier.

All that amounts to a competitive advantage—which is why you’re on this page. But many customers are understandably wary of moving their data and systems from a server within their office to one in the cloud. It’s the IT version of being afraid of heights!

What about your network—all that stuff in the closet or up in the ceiling? Is your firewall secure? Can it process data at gigabit speeds? And how about those Ethernet switches? They’re not expensive, but they can cause expensive problems!

So if you’re afraid of heights, call us. We’ve been helping KC businesses move into the cloud for as long as there has been a cloud (the computing kind, not the atmospheric kind.) We can even help with basic applications migrations such as Google’s G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365.