Choosing the right Internet service involves comparing a lot more than just cost.

There are over a dozen networks in Kansas City, but no single one covers the entire metro—in fact several have only spotty coverage. Connection speed, reliability and prices all vary. A lot.

Making the right choice is crucial for your business, especially as key functions are moved to the cloud.

Avid’s experts work to find the best Internet option for your business by evaluating:

  • Networks available at your location
  • Bandwidth (speed) requirements dictated by your business’ characteristics
  • Quality and reliability requirements specific to your business and the way you use the Internet (e.g. using VoIP requires specific characteristics, requirements and specifications)
  • Lowest cost and recommended term commitment

We configure and optimize your firewall and network so you’ll get the most out of your connection and, most important of all, provide an ongoing single point of contact for technical support. The days of your Internet provider telling you, “The problem’s in your network” are over.

Get the best business Internet in KC by contacting us at (816) 994-7070. Want more information?  Download our free Guidebook.