Avid Communications - We Love Our Customers

Helping a local hospital move to a new building. With one week of notice!

We found out a client was moving to a new building in one week! We're normally able to plan ahead, but we answered the call. Literally.
SPIN! Pizza

Customer Spotlight: SPIN! Pizza

SPIN! is one of Avid’s favorite pizza spots! We recently set up our hosted VoIP business phone system at multiple locations.
A Tale of Two Customer Service Experiences

GE and ecobee: A Tale of Two Customer Service Experiences

After two different customer service experiences with GE and ecobee, we're reminded why we invest in Avid's customer service experience.
Avid Communications - Pieces of the Puzzle

Integrating Call Information to Enhance Dental Practice Management

We helped Goetze Dental integrate our cloud based VoIP phone technology with their EDDSON practice management software.

Expensive phone plans, delay and echoes: are those my only options?

Why switch to an Avid cloud based VoIP phone system? You’ll save money, get more reliable and local service, and gain access to more features.
NEJC Chamber of Commerce Relocation

Customer Spotlight: Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Office Relocation

We recently helped the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce with their office move. Important item? The phone system.
Avid Communications: VPN Connections

Working From Home Has Become The Norm

The top 3 things to consider when moving to a home office... phone setup, secure VPN back to the office and optimizing home networks.
Avid Communications: When working from home becomes permanent.

When working from home becomes permanent.

Are you having problems working effectively from home? You're probably not alone... it's likely affecting many of the people working at your company.
Avid Communications: 24/7 Advanced Logistics

Client Success Story: 24/7 Express Logistics

We are so glad that we were able to help 24/7 Express Logistics with their new VoIP business phone system in addition to their business internet!