Avid’s Cloud-Based Call Center Solution

Call CenterAvid’s call center solution enables customers to purchase services in a manner that is far more efficient than traditional, premise-based call centers. Our customers only buy what they consume–only those individuals within the organization that need the call center functionality need to upgrade to the call center solution. With the added benefits of rapid deployment, best-in-class features, and regular updates, it’s no surprise that Avid’s cloud based solution is becoming the preferred model for call centers.

Our cloud-based call center is designed with advanced routing capabilities and algorithms to enable a wide variety of call distribution methods (e.g., longest idle or round-robin) as well as sophisticated queuing functions. Callers not only hear music but custom announcements while they are waiting to speak with a member of your team.

Call recording for all calls enables you to review calls to verify quality standards.

Supervisors will have a vast array of capabilities to manage operations, including whisper, monitor, and barge-in, that enable supervisors to coach agents and assist in customer calls. The supervisor dashboard enables supervisors to administer call queues and the call center’s overall performance. Additionally, supervisors can access detailed reports that track trends and performance over time. Supervisors have a full view of agents’ current status and performance over a selected period of time.

As calls come in, information about the caller can be displayed to help the agent identify the caller. Agents can set their status using one of many custom messages such as “at lunch” or “in a meeting.” Agents can “wrap” calls with disposition codes and be placed automatically back into the agent queue after a configurable timer has finished.

All this technology however, does not complicate the deployment.

Avid will have your call center fully deployed in a couple of weeks. Like our other cloud-based offerings, the latest features and functions are provided without the hassle of costly hardware and software upgrades. In addition, agents can be easily added and subtracted to meet seasonal demands – you only pay for what you use. To learn more, please give us a call!

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