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Do you need a Next-Generation Firewall?

Cyber-security is admittedly a complex topic, and most of the information out there is geared for those with some familiarity of the topic, making it jargon heavy and difficult to consume for executives and business owners. Knowing this and the temptation for procrastination, we at Avid have been working for quite some time to simplify […]

Cyber Security and the Business Owner

By David Scott, Managing Member at Avid Communications I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the challenge faced by our clients when it comes to cyber security. And reading a lot. And getting lots of headaches. Most of the material is jargon heavy, and reads like, “Sophisticated cyber attack vectors and multi-layer advanced threats, whether […]

A story we never thought we’d write.

“Avid Communications is working closely with AT&T to serve our customers.” Now that’s a line we never thought we’d write. Avid founder Dave Scott has been in competition with AT&T for over 35 years now. At times it’s been a bitter fight. In the 1990s, Dave’s company Birch Telecom and AT&T waged war before state […]