Shuffling boxes on our home page.

By David Scott, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Changing BoxesWe’ve made extensive changes on Avid’s web site, and we thought it was worth saying why.

Now before you go to, be prepared for it to look nearly the same as it always has. There are still five colorful boxes on the home page. It’s still simple and direct. There are no new animated graphics or flashy videos. It’s still a bit text heavy. So the changes don’t slap you in the face. But the changes represent years of work here at Avid.

Three of our five major service categories have changed:

  • Network security is now CyberSecurity.
  • Cloud Migration is now Network Design and Cloud Migration.
  • WiFi has been folded into Network Design and a new category: Contact Center has been added.

When we started, we mainly just provided voice services.

We were one of the first to provide voice services in the Cloud, but the scope of services was fairly narrow.

After a couple of years we added Internet services, taking a growing role in securing high bandwidth for clients as their needs outstripped the old-style T1 circuits.

Recent Changes

Recently we’ve seen two areas that are particularly difficult for businesses to properly address: a growing complexity of network design and the need for cyber security protection. Those two simple boxes on our website front an array of services that only Avid is positioned to provide. We’ve been working on both to make them important foundations of our business.

And recently the cloud-based Contact Center application has flowered into a rich and important offering for our clients. For years we’ve provided basic features that support sales and service groups–important functionality that traditionally was very expensive. We’ve added to this the full array of powerful and sophisticated contact center functions–and coupled with top-quality voice services, it’s a really unique service at great prices.

Drawing Back the Curtain

For some, the web site will now have too much detail and jargon. Most of our clients won’t need to completely comprehend this level of detail. But we did want to draw the curtain back a bit and let you see the wizards behind the curtain–people right here who know your business and can address, on your behalf, the growing front of complex technical issues that you face in your business.

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