Employee Spotlight: Nikki Cherrito

Nikki CherritoMany of our best customers already know Nikki Cherrito’s name. A Senior Account Executive with Avid Communications, Nikki’s common-sense, straightforward approach has helped hundreds of businesses innovate and leverage new ideas.  She has grown her business, and ours, by intuitively understanding the needs of small and medium-sized companies across all sectors. Nikki trusts her instincts and, despite skepticism from her boss, she identified very early that Avid’s Gigabit Complete would allow her to achieve new sales records. Her instincts have served her well.

Nikki joined Avid in 2012. She delivers a personalized, uncomplicated and complete voice and data solution to workplaces of every kind, from manufacturing to education to professional services firms. She takes the time to understand what a business owner needs, and works with each customer to leverage their existing infrastructure and provide simple, customized solutions across multiple product lines.  Businesses and IT professionals that Nikki work with routinely provide referrals because of the service they have received from Nikki.

When Avid developed its Gigabit Complete product to leverage Google Fiber’s gigabit fiber offering, there was much skepticism within our sales department. Many, including her boss, thought that achieving their sales goals by selling a product that was hundreds of dollars less per month than products they previously sold would be impossible. Nikki knew better. She quietly focused on delivering Gigabit Complete proposals to businesses and, within a couple of months, she had set a new sales record. Nikki has continued to reach new sales heights since.

Nikki is a mother of two and, despite her very busy schedule at Avid of setting up meetings with businesses, installing voice and data solution and supporting her customers, she recently sold her house, bought a new house and got everything moved! She is now working to upgrade the technology in her new home with a better network, WiFi…I am exhausted just writing about all she does. We are thankful to have Nikki on our team.

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