Customer Spotlight: Magni Telescopic Handlers

Magni Telescopic HandlersOn July 23rd we added another business to our growing list of happy customers. Magni America, Inc. was a referral from Complete Technology, also an Avid customer and an Agent for Avid.

Magni is located in an area of the city where it’s hard to get internet and telecommunications services. It is an under-serviced area of the city. They had a wireless line of sight internet connection that was expensive and not performing like it should. The staff had to use cell phones and a single desk phone for their business calls.

Avid to the Rescue

Magni was paying for 10 MB of internet access previously, and now they have a stable 50 MB connection including fail-over and a brand new phone system… for less money. #UPGRADE

We switched their internet connection to a local fixed wireless internet provider as well as a fixed T-1 line. This allowed Complete Technology to set Magni up with internet fail-over in the event that one of their connections goes down.

Magni Telescopic HandlersHaving reliable internet is critical for any business. And by having a robust and consistent connection, we are able to provide Quality of Service for the new VoIP hosted phone system we deployed.

Magni loves using our Accession offering for their mobile soft phones. This allows them to take calls on the go while using their business phone numbers instead of their cell phone numbers. Each Accession license allows for up to four devices. Each employee can have the software installed on their PC, phone and tablet if they desire, allowing them to communicate seamlessly across any of their devices.

Magni has a significant Auto Attendent configured through their VoIP hosted phone system to route calls appropriately to various departments. Being responsive is critical to their business, so effective routing has been an important upgrade.

Installation Day

Magni Telescopic HandlersWe loved the picture of Taylor sitting instide one of the wheels from their cranes. This photo was taken on our installation day. Avid’s technicians started with a “make ready” process to ensure the T-1 was installed and working properly. Next, they did the on-site installation of the VoIP phone equipment followed by hands-on training provided by Taylor.

Magni employees were trained on their VoIP desk phones. We also helped them download the Accession software to their iPhones, Android phones and PCs. This was followed by additional training on how to use soft-phone technology.

More About Magni America, Inc.

Pietro Magni began as a tractor repair mechanic and farm cart builder and later went on to manufacture tower cranes for the construction industry. In 1972, he founded FARGH SpA with his children Riccardo, Giorgio and Franco, a company that designs and manufactures hydraulic cranes. In 1980, FARGH designed and built the first telescopic handler in Europe, the FARGH 4000 FS, with a patented boom.

Production of Magni’s telescopic handlers started in January 2013. Thus began the development of the widest range of rotating telescopic handlers on the market, consisting of 13 models. There are also seven fixed, heavy-duty models and the first model in the fixed, construction/manufacturing range. Magni has created not only the two tallest rotating telescopic handler models in the world, but also the model with the highest payload.

MAGNI AMERICA, INC is located at
9154 Woodend Rd
Edwardsville, KS 66111

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