Avid Communications: When working from home becomes permanent.

When working from home becomes permanent.

Are you having problems working effectively from home? You're probably not alone... it's likely affecting many of the people working at your company.
Avid Communications: Rosehill Gardens

Customer Spotlight: Rosehill Gardens

We're proud to add Rosehill Gardens to our list of happy customers! We're able to provide better bandwidth and support while saving them money!
Happy 4th of July - 2020

Happy 4th of July from your friends at Avid Communications

This weekend, we get to celebrate the signing of the Declaration…
Avid Communications: 24/7 Advanced Logistics

Client Success Story: 24/7 Express Logistics

We are so glad that we were able to help 24/7 Express Logistics with their new VoIP business phone system in addition to their business internet!
Avid Communications: Webcam

Are your prospects virtually happy versus actually happy?

The inability to have a face-to-face meeting has stripped our sales team of one of their major advantages over other providers. Non-verbal cues.
Animal Medical Center of Kansas City

Client Success Story: Animal Medical Center of Kansas City

Animal Medical Center of Kansas City gave us great feedback about the decision to switch to Avid Communications including transition, training and cost.
Avid Communications: CRM and other system integrations

CRM and other System Integrations

Phone integration into a key application like your CRM is not heavy lifting. The productivity boost means payback is almost immediate.
Avid's First Virtual Happy Hour

Avid’s First Virtual Happy Hour

Recently, we held our first virtual happy hour using our own Accession Meeting service. We got to see each other’s smiling faces for the first time in weeks.

Accession is being renamed MaX

Beginning Monday, April 27th, Accession will become MaX. This will be a branding change for now, but it signals future functionality related to user mobility.