Avid welcomes its newest customer… Avid Communications.

Omie - The Avid Communications Mascot

By David Scott, Managing Member at Avid Communications

You know the old, tired saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes? Well, that’s no longer true for Avid Communications, who just implemented the Contact Center solution provided by Avid Communications.

Avid, with a fast growing customer base and an ever-more-complex set of highly technical services, was needing a more powerful Contact Center solution. This enabled the creation of what it calls “specialty squads” who support their front-line customer service group.

Avid turned to Avid for a solution perfectly tailored to Avid’s requirements. 

“I found Avid incredibly helpful in customizing the solution for our specific needs,” said Dave Scott of Avid. “It was unbelievable how quickly they understood what we were trying to achieve.”

“Avid wanted to get customers to the right experts without delay, and by establishing four specialty groups, staffed all day with an expert to assist the front line in resolving issues on the spot, they were able to do that,” said Dave Scott of Avid. “I was excited to help Dave roll this out.”

Avid’s Contact Center has a long list of features, but key to their decision was the ability to eventually consolidate calls, chat and email inquiries. Avid is also using the callback option, post-call surveys and skills-based call distribution. 

Because the solution, though it is cloud-based, uses Avid’s bedrock voice network with its managed quality-of-service, it delivers the highest quality voice connections–avoiding a common pitfall of most contact center solutions.

“I would recommend Avid without reservation,” said Dave Scott.

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