Investing In Your Future

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications

Against this crazy backdrop of uncertainty in 2020, we’ve found it prudent to actually increase our capital investment at Avid. The scope of our services is expanding faster than ever before, and we’ve splurged on equipment to bring an array of new features… many of them tailor-made for the way businesses must operate during the pandemic.

One significant trend that we see continuing is supporting work from home users.

Avid Communications and your MSPThis not only includes the developments with our MaXUC unified communications platform (softphone, instant messaging, text, video conferencing, screen sharing and document sharing), but also integration with various collaboration suites our customers are using. Microsoft Teams has seen significant growth starting earlier this year. Avid will soon have a connector allowing MaXUC calls and meetings to be initiated from directly within Microsoft Teams. This connector will help increase productivity and augment capabilities currently within Microsoft Teams. Our development with Microsoft Teams is continuing, and we expect to have some exciting capabilities to announce in the near future.

Call reporting has become a greater need for businesses as their workers become more spread out.

Avid will be releasing enhanced capabilities for administrators to view and schedule a range of call activity reports and download call logs. These reports will provide a way to visualize call activity more easily with many report types for analyzing call activity from different perspectives. Reports can be viewed directly, saved, and emailed to specific team members and can be filtered by date range and department, line or account code.

Some of these reports include:

  • Account Statistics
  • Call Duration Summary – incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call Log
  • Frequent Caller Summary
  • Frequently Called Summary
  • Missed Calls Detail
  • Short Calls
  • Top Talkers
  • Traffic by Day/Hour

Not every dollar we’ve spent has gone towards new features. A significant investment has gone towards increasing capacity and other “behind the scenes” upgrades of our equipment.  This improves reliability and sets the stage for continued expansion of our offerings.

Avid Communications: Special AgentsBut hold on…

It can be challenging to talk about new technologies and why you need to adopt them. If anything has been proven in 2020, it’s that we all have to pivot when reality changes. We’re doing our part to help our clients through these kinds of changes when it comes to business phone systems, internet connectivity and cybersecurity for organizations that have many of their people working from home.

We would love the chance to have a conversation with you about your current setup and bring you up to speed on what is possible with our technology. Please give us a chance to bring you up to speed so you can make an informed decision about your critically important infrastructure!

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