Expensive phone plans, delay and echoes: are those my only options?

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications

We’ve been helping businesses migrate to cloud-based VoIP phone systems for over 15 years.

Why should your business switch to an Avid cloud based VoIP phone system? You’ll save money, get more reliable and local service, and gain access to more features. Your system can span multiple office locations and tie in employees who work from home, on the road or shuttle between many locations. And as new features are developed, your system is updated automatically; no need for new hardware.

Softphone Definition

Our MaxUC unified communications platform allows customers to use their smartphones, computers or tablets as their communications center.  MaxUC is a fully integrated softphone, that lets you have your office phone anywhere you are. In addition to the calling functions, MaXUC provides instant messaging, text, video conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing and native integration with Microsoft Office, Salesforce and other CRMs).

But all cloud VoIP providers are not created equal. Avid has a commitment to the highest quality voice and the best customer service.

  • We use local servers and direct connections to bandwidth providers, eliminating Internet hops for better voice quality!
  • Our experts precisely match our feature set to your business needs.
  • We feature onsite configuration, installation, training and ongoing support.

Sadly, most cloud based VoIP  phone providers have no local support at all.

FrustrationIf there’s a problem, you can be on your own with nobody to turn to while your business grinds to a halt. Not good. This is especially important now, when businesses have employees moving between the office and home frequently. And sometimes permanently.

We take pride in crafting a solution perfectly tailored for your business operation. Yes we have hundreds of features, and in the hands of our experts they become useful tools available to make your business run better.

If you’ve reached the limits of your old phone system or simply need a better provider, call us to experience an expertly designed VoIP Cloud phone system. You’ll realize you’re dealing with a different kind of business from the first “Hello.”

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