Site surveys for high-speed Internet options

Provide us with your location and we will research the high-speed Internet options available to you today.

Avid maintains a database of network options available at hundreds of locations throughout the KC metro area, and through our wholesale arrangements, we can access over a dozen high-speed networks on your behalf.

The choices will likely vary greatly in terms of price and capacity. We can help advise you on the best fit for your business needs. The types of service we have delivered in just the past week include:

  • 50 Mbps x 50 Mbps fiber optic service
  • 20 Mbps x 20 Mbps fixed-wireless service
  • 35 Mbps x 5 Mbps cable-based service
  • 12 Mbps x 1.5 Mbps cable-based service
  • 20 Mbps x 20 Mbps fiber optic service
  • 10 Mbps x 10 Mbps fixed-wireless service
  • T-1 service used in a Dual-WAN configuration with high-speed cable service

You don’t need to fend off an array of pushy sales people when our bandwidth consultants can present you with a professional proposal that matches all the options to your particular needs.

Call today to arrange for this free consultation. 816-994-7070

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