Helix Architecture

Why we love architects

Avid’s very first client was Helix Architecture + Design. Since then, we have added many of the city’s leading architectural practices to our roster, including the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Here’s why we feel privileged to serve so many architectural firms:

  1. They value communications. Obviously the creation of a building is an intense communication among many parties: client, architect, various contractors, government, community. Architects are great communicators, and as such particularly value the higher level of support that Avid provides.
  2. They are innovative. Architects are open to new ideas and enjoy exploring new concepts. Architects were the first to see the potential in Cloud-based phone services (Avid’s Hosted PBX) and continue to help us develop new services and approaches to state-of-the-art communications.
  3. They need high bandwidth. On a percentage basis, our architectural clients have the highest percentage of high-speed connections and have the highest subscription to fixed wireless (with its delivery of 10 Mbps and higher symmetrical speeds).
  4. They are involved. I can think of no profession that is more involved in the civic life of our community than our city’s architects.
  5. They are fun! I always love visiting their offices. They are filled with visions of what our city is to become.
Below are a few examples of the our clients’ work that is nominated for the AIA-KC’s People’s Choice Award. Vote at http://www.aiakc.org/vote/

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