Meet Sandra Hollingsworth – Director of Operations for Avid Communications

One day in 2008, I plopped about 200 job applications on an assistant’s desk and asked her to see if any seemed worth interviewing for an open sales position. After reviewing them and calling many to get a quick impression, she returned a stack of five for full interviews. And she had one more in her hand that she didn’t want to give me.

“Joyce, what’s that one,” I said.

“I really like this one, but she doesn’t have the qualifications you specified,” said Joyce.

“What the heck, if you like her, let’s call her in too.”

Sandra HollingsworthSeven years later, it’s hard to imagine Avid without Sandra Hollingsworth.

Sandra started in sales with little industry knowledge and quickly became our top sales representative. She learned the technology and began working in our operations group. Today, she runs our provisioning department, and is responsible for designing and implementing solutions for all of our new accounts–a complex, demanding position that requires getting thousands of details just right. She makes sure that our internal and external groups get everything done on time. And she’s cheerful while doing it!

Sandra loves cats and has a beautiful daughter, Lauren, born on Christmas morning in 2014.

She hates leaving any task uncompleted. That’s why she excels at what she’s doing at Avid. She can be staring at a daunting mountain of work, but somehow by the end of the day, it’s all done.

So I’m glad I asked Joyce about that extra piece of paper in her hand. Sometimes, things pivot on the smallest of details. Thank goodness we didn’t miss out on the opportunity to have Sandra on our team!

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  1. Adam Jones
    Adam Jones says:

    I’ve worked with Sandra on numerous projects and can honestly say, first hand, she is best in class. It is employees like Sandra that make referring Avid to our clients a no-brainer.


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