Avid Communications – First Google Fiber Tech Partner in Kansas City

Google Fiber Tech PartnerIn 2015, Avid Communications was named the first Google Fiber Tech Partner in Kansas City. It means we’ve been certified as meeting Google Fiber’s standards for providing an array of services designed to work well over Google Fiber.

But there’s one more thing.

Avid’s network is directly connected to Google Fiber’s network.

Even before Google developed the Tech Partner program, we worked with them to establish this key connection. This is important because it means that voice traffic that originates on the Google Fiber network is routed directly to Avid’s network and doesn’t take an uncertain path over the open Internet.

Avid LogoVoice traffic can suffer from an unpredictable internet connection. Any network delay can result in “jitter,” which causes the voices to sound “choppy.” Avid’s direct connection to Google Fiber prevents this from happening.

As VoIP (voice-over-Internet-protocol) has become more and more pervasive, the voice call quality seems to have dropped, probably because some providers of VoIP service route voice calls to distant servers as a matter of routine. At Avid, we’ve always engineered our network to deliver superior VoIP services.

We’re grateful to Google Fiber for helping us establish this direct connection. They, too, are interested in bringing services to the commercial market that are better in capacity, quality and price.

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