How did we end up with an owl for our logo?

We’ve wanted to update our logo for quite a while. When our business started dramatically changing because of Google Fiber’s rollout in 2015, we started thinking about what might be a nice counterpoint to the Google Fiber multi-colored rabbit logo. After a burst of unbridled creativity seldom seen in telecommunications – including the suggestion by someone that we should change our name to “Hoogle”- we decided to use an owl as our mascot.

An owl is a versatile animal. They can be cute. They can be smart. They are definitely vigilant.

Avid-Owl-FaviconWe launched an online logo design contest with to see if anyone could design an owl that would capture what we wanted to convey:

  • watchful – we watch over our clients’ networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • wise – we know what we’re doing
  • friendly – we want to have a great working relationship between your company and our team

A couple of people have asked us about whether owls eat rabbits. (Another play on Google’s rabbit mascot.) I believe that yes, in nature they do.
But in our world, blue owls are best friends with multi-colored rabbits.

By the way, our logo contest yielded 1,100 entries. Of those, only a handful captured anything close to what we were looking for. But we had fun wading through all the entries and were very happy with the final result!

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