Graffiti Cam

Graffiti CamIt’s spring and along with the dandelions an even more noxious urban weed begins to proliferate – graffiti.

While the graffiti vandal considers his act one of personal expression, the property or business owner understands the cost of repairing the damage and the blow to the neighborhood’s image caused by graffiti. And who really has time in the day to deal with the after-effects of someone’s “personal expression.”

In the Crossroads, there are a few property owners who are resting a bit easier due to a new offering from Avid: the “graffiti cam.”

Graffiti CamWe install a camera or two to capture the area likely to be hit. The presence of the cameras themselves is a strong deterrent. The vandals (I will never refer to them as “artists”) know there’s an active police and community effort to cross-reference video so that they can be identified and apprehended. And the video images can be used to make the fines (not large for a single incident, but adding up quickly if multiple taggings can be linked) a serious dent in their spray-paint budget.

The cameras are high quality but not very expensive. Using Google Fiber, we store this high-definition video at an off-site location. We can also set up real-time notification of movement captured by the camera, so while the vandal is creating his masterpiece on your back wall, the police can be en route to provide transportation to his next location – Central Patrol.

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