Avid Communications Expansion: We’ve doubled our space!

By Taylor Cates, Director of Sales at Avid Communications

2020 Avid Communications ExpansionAt a time when many companies are taking a second look at their commercial office space, we doubled down with an office expansion. Of course timing wasn’t on our side… We signed the lease for the street level floor of our current building right before PPP loans were made available. As part of the PPP loan forgiveness rules, you could only include office space rent for leases signed before February 15th. We missed that by just two weeks!

We signed the lease two weeks before the pandemic became public knowledge and things started to change quickly. Social distancing became an important part of the conversation, and we believe it will continue to be something companies have to figure out as we all go back into the office. We now have plenty of space to spread out, which is a good thing. We were starting to get pretty cramped in our current space as our team has continued to grow.

Like many companies, we’re working in a hybrid model.

Some of our team members are working from home, some in the office, and some are doing a bit of both.

Our engineering team, sales team and kegerator moved downstairs next to Catalyst Arts Collective (an Avid Communications customer) taking over the old HammerPress retail location. If you’re curious, HammerPress moved to 1413 W. 11th Street, Kansas City, MO 64101. (And yes, they are still a client of ours as well.)

Grandmark Signs

2020 Avid Communications ExpansionSpeaking of customers, we like doing business with our clients when possible, and we hired Grandmark Signs to create and install a 12’x4′ Avid Communications logo on one of the main walls. Grandmark Signs is our “go to” for vehicle wraps and all things related to logo placement in the real world.

Seven months after the pandemic began, we’re bringing people back into the office, and with the extra space, we are able to spread out. The engineering team has a much larger lab/beta environment for new product testing. It also allowed our sales group to have their own dedicated space.

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