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Adapt or die

Adapt or die.

These days those words have never been more true.

When Google Fiber announced business service at $100 per month for a gigabit of Internet service, our world here in KC changed. Dramatically.

We sell Internet service that we get at wholesale rates and mark up to retail rates. But Google Fiber isn’t available at wholesale rates, and we cannot resell Google Fiber. But for our customers, Google Fiber is the right answer. So facing the imminent loss of a portion of our revenue stream, what to do?

We adapted. In less than two months, we had developed a new line of services called Gigabit Complete designed to work with Google Fiber. We evaluated all kinds of equipment and chose network devices designed for a gigabit network. We repriced services to fit with Google Fiber. We ramped up advertising.

In short order we determined who among our customers were eligible for Google Fiber, talked with them, and developed a game plan for converting their services to Google Fiber. And many of them are already enjoying unparalleled Internet access and lower prices.

We developed an operational plan to ensure that the cutover to Google Fiber was painless. In fact, our well-planned cutover process means that it takes about 10 minutes to accomplish the whole thing.

We developed a proprietary configuration for a gigabit router/firewall that is actually cost effective for our customers.

We developed an advanced wifi network capability that fits beautifully with the high speeds of Google Fiber.

We even figured a way to help customers pay for desired network upgrades called Bandwidth Bucks.

In the meantime, our work with other fiber providers in town has greatly diminished. These days, it’s impossible for them to sell 10 MB connection for $700 per month where Google Fiber is available. And in our experience, Google Fiber is available for about 25% of all our customers in the KC metro. Not bad three month’s into the launch.

So while it’s tempting want to rest on one’s laurels, that’s just not realistic in today’s world. So those who can adapt, must. And those who can’t…well, the prognosis simply isn’t very good.

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