Gigabit Complete at social service agency

Jackson County CASA just moved to Google Fiber and Avid’s Gigabit Complete service. They consolidated two connections to one, increasing bandwidth by 100 times (not a typo!) and lowering their monthly bill by about 20%.

Avid had fought on CASA’s behalf for years to get adequate bandwidth at a reasonable price. Because of CASA’s location, fixed wireless service was never an option. When the T-1 ran out of gas a couple of years ago, we added the wide-band coax connection and tried to use that for voice traffic. But it never ran clean enough, and so the T-1–and its expense–stayed.

Google Fiber has eliminated that need. We’re running both voice and data over the connection. This was one of our earliest Google Fiber turn-ups, and it took about 10 minutes of time on site. We used Avid’s gigabit router and firewall instead of the Google box. At turn-up the VPN remote access didn’t work, and the executive director called in from a trip to complain. Five minutes later, this was resolved.

If all Google Fiber turn-ups go this smoothly, life will be good!

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