Integrating Call Information to Enhance Dental Practice Management

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications

A little while ago, Rusty Bradbury with Goetze Dental reached out to Avid Communications to see if we could help them integrate our cloud based VoIP phone technology with their EDDSON practice management software. After a few discussions to learn about Goetze Dental’s needs, we jumped at the opportunity to fully integrate Avid’s phone system with their dental practice management software.

Avid Connector

Avid Communications - Pieces of the PuzzleWe took this opportunity to develop a platform, Avid Connector, for easy integration with the Avid IP phone service. Avid Connector contains the base functions required for a software program to integrate with Avid Communications’ phone services. The Avid Connector supports both web applications via Java and local applications via .NET.

Major Functions Included:

  • Login/Out Avid Phone User
  • Dial out from application
  • Get State of Phone Line
  • Poll for Incoming Phone Calls
  • Receive and display incoming caller ID and phone number

Shortly after delivering the Avid Connector to Rusty and his team at Goetze Dental, they let us know the connector worked well and provided easy integration points. They completed the development work on EDDSON to provide call information into their practice software.

EDDSON Sample Caller Information

EDDSON Practice Management Software

EDDSON’s VoIP integration module can display detailed information for existing patient calls and has the unique ability to interact directly with EDDSON. This functionality includes opening a patient chart, creating a new appointment, or processing a patient payment. The caller information can also be used to facilitate new patient intake activities including adding new patient records and creating initial appointments.

Following the successful integration of Avid’s phone service with EDDSON, we’ve witnessed first hand the success of their practice management software. It’s become routine for them to let us know they’re converting another dental practice and need Avid Communications business phones to be installed. 

More About 24/7 Goetze Dental and EDDSON practice management software.

Goetze Dental is a fifth-generation, family owned, full service dental supply company proudly serving private practices in the Midwest since 1884. 

Goetze Dental developed EDDSON practice management software to provide a highly analytical look at the real data for improving dental practice’s productivity profitability, patient satisfaction and overall approach to dentistry–the real data of dentistry.

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