Avid Agents – Highly Valued Partners We Love to Work With!

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications

Avid Communications: Special AgentsHere at Avid, we truly value the agents we work with.

Our Agent Program allows businesses and individuals to introduce Avid to their customers. Also, the agent program allows us to reach businesses we may not have otherwise been able to connect with.  A few examples of customers we’ve reached, working with our agents, have been shared on our blog: ScrapsKC,  Great Plains SPCA, and Rosehill Gardens to name a few.

Even Better Support

Avid Agents - TeamworkWe also value the enhanced support the customer receives when we’re working with an agent. Because we are working together with the agent, the roles are clearly established and the customer benefits by a truly collaborative effort. Avid values the trust the customer has placed with the agent, and we strive to enhance that trust by being a good partner and capable telecommunications provider.

One of the many things I’ve missed during the last year is the ability to host our agents at our office to celebrate their many accomplishments. We’re looking forward to hosting another event to show our appreciation this summer!

Interested in Becoming an Avid Agent?

Laren Langren, Agent Manager, leads our agent channel at Avid Communications and works closely with Audrey Tomlinson, Agent Account Manager, to support our agents. If you would like to know more about our Agent or Referral Partner programs, please contact Laren or Audrey for more information!

Laren Landgren Audrey Tomlinson

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