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Avid Communications: Special AgentsThe Avid Agent Program

Something we really value at Avid is our Agent Program. The Agent Program allows for individuals outside of Avid to bring us valuable customers that we may not have had the ability to reach directly. Businesses utilize these consultants in order to help make smart decisions
regarding telecommunication and internet needs. Avid and Agents both know these technical concepts aren’t always the easiest to understand without previous knowledge or experience.

Galin Stoychev with Galis Technology

Galin Stoychev, owner of Galis Technology, is one of Avid’s agents. He came on board as an agent through Avid’s Director of Sales, Taylor Cates. When asked why he refers his clients to Avid, Galin said “we’ve assisted our clients with phone migrations with different vendors. And our experience with migrations led by Avid have been by far the best. I have been able to work with Avid’s technicians, and I’m impressed by the way they’ve handled installs and resolved issues.” Galin enjoys working with Avid because he knows that Avid can get the job done, and get it done right.

Laren Langren

Laren Langren manages our Agent Program. He joined our team in November 2017, bringing 7 years of experience working with agents to Avid. Laren firmly believes that by integrating agents into our sales efforts, “Avid has the ability to move into new areas where the agents already have the trusted relationship with businesses.” As a result of agents earning the trust of their clients, Avid is able to build a strong relationship with the customer from the get go.

Getting acquainted with Laren to become an agent is simple. Laren will set up meetings at the agent’s office, or perhaps even meet them over lunch to learn more about the clients they work with. It is important to us that our agents have a firm understanding and confidence in the
products and services Avid has to offer, in order to know how we can best cater to the industry their client is in. We want to establish a strong relationship with these trusted consultants so that they know they can depend on us. And ultimately relay that same feeling to their clients.

Avid certainly wants to reward agents for bringing us their valuable clients. So we compensate them for doing so. Agents receive a percentage of the ongoing monthly charges for services provided. This percentage can increase based on the type of services and products the
customer chooses to add.

If you would be interested in learning more about becoming an agent with Avid, you can contact Laren Langren at 816-994-7072 or llandgren@avidphone.com.

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