We blew up the fine print.

Fine PrintIf you say there is a problem… we agree with you. Our philosophy is to fix problems first and ask questions later. One of the biggest frustrations companies have with communications providers is having to fight with them when there’s a problem. They have to debate whether the provider will take any ownership of the issue at all. Providers have a bad habit of hiding behind their Service Policies (in all their “fine print” glory). So we decided we didn’t need a Service Policy, but a Service Promise. We hope you agree this is what truly sets Avid apart from our competitors, especially those who try to “service” Kansas City without having anyone near here.

Our service promise

Avid provides unparalleled support for our clients. Support is available 24×7 by calling our service line. We even have an “Avid Button” on every phone. It’s a hotline for our customer service center. During business hours, our service team stands ready to answer your call with courteous, well-informed support. Outside of our standard business hours, we have on-call technical resources that can assist with urgent issues.

We stand behind all of our services. If you need help, we provide it at no additional cost. If we can quickly fix it remotely, we will. If we need to come on site, we will. Our objective is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you need training or assistance to better use our services, we’ll provide prompt support at no charge. If we need to reconfigure your existing services to meet changing business requirements, we do that at no charge as well.

Many of our services allow you to make changes yourself. However, we’re always standing by to make these changes for you, including recording automated attendant greetings and making temporary changes in call flow for bad weather and the like. We provide this help without additional charges.

For any work that involves the potential for disruption to your service, we’ll schedule this at a time when it will have the least impact. When necessary, we can schedule work outside of our normal business hours. We’ll address service disruptions as fast as we possibly can. We monitor the status of your Avid services 24/7, and will address issues regardless of the day or hour they arise.

What do we charge for?

If you need wiring or other upgrades or significant changes to your network infrastructure, we’ll either provide you with a quote for a project or bill at a our customer-preferred rate of $75 per hour. If you ask us to provide help in re-engineering your network or using equipment that is not standard to Avid’s services, we will bill at $125 per hour for network engineering. If you need help with a project beyond our normal service offerings (for example: a project requiring an unusual configuration involving several hours of work), we’ll provide an estimate or bill based on time and materials.

This is our service promise. It’s designed by business owners for business owners. It’s designed to simplify things for you and your staff, and to give you access to excellent technical resources at a reasonable price.

Unlike other providers, we’re not trying to make a profit on service charges. Our standard monthly rates are intended to cover nearly everything. It’s unique in our industry.

At Avid, we’re here for you so you can mind your own business. Want to know more? Give us a call!

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