Avid Communications: Agent Event, November 2018

Agent/Referral Partner Event at Tom’s Town Distillery

By Taylor Cates, Director of Sales at Avid Communications

The first Avid Agent Open House was in February earlier this year. And yes, we wrote a story about it.

We decided it was time to do another event to bring our Avid Agents and Avid Referral Partners together. The goal was to kick off the holiday season by showing how thankful we are for our network of referral partners.

Avid Communications: Agent Event, November 2018 Avid Communications: Agent Event, November 2018

Tom’s Town Distilling Company

Avid Communications: Agent Event, November 2018We decided to have the event at Tom’s Town Distilling Company. Why? Because they’re a customer and we do everything we can to support our customers, not just with their phones and internet connection. They’ve also got some beautiful spaces to host events. We ended up using The Vault. The Vault is fully furnished to accommodate either 35 people for a sit-down dinner or a maximum of 50 guests for a cocktail-style gathering. The room is equipped with a projector, audio, and screen. It’s a comfortable setup where you can relax, eat and drink and share information with everyone in attendance.

We had twenty people attend the event. They were able to enjoy some appetizers and adult beverages from their craft cocktail menu. It was a fun evening. And our top two referral partners got some public praise and prizes! Tom’s Town took great care of us and we will definitely have another event there in the future.

Interested in our Agent or Referral Partner Programs?

Avid Communications: Agent Event, November 2018If you would like to know more about our Agent or Referral Partner programs, please contact Laren for more information.

More About Tom’s Town

Tom’s Town Distilling Co. was named after the country’s most corrupt political boss, Tom Pendergast. Pendergast started as a saloon keeper and the founder of a wholesale liquor company. Under Tom, Kansas City ignored Prohibition and emerged as the “Paris of the Plains.” Money, jazz, and spirits flowed in the open. When asked how he justified ignoring Prohibition, Pendergast quipped, “The people are thirsty.”

Today the people are still thirsty. Tom’s Town satisfies that thirst by producing premium craft spirits. You can taste our high standards and attention to detail in every sip of the gin, vodka, and bourbon they make.

Be sure to visit their website or stop by! Tom’s Town is located at 1701 Main Street in Kansas City, MO.

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