Omie Leads Avid Communication’s Adopt a Family Effort for 2019

Omie - The Avid Communications Mascot

Hi there. My name is Omie. I’m the mascot for Avid Communications. They adopted me on March 22nd, 2016.

As we fly into the holidays, I felt it was important for our entire team to come together to make the holidays better for a few families in need. But who… WHO could we help?

My first suggestion was to volunteer to serve meals at a local food pantry or soup kitchen. The challenge for our team is that we can’t all just leave the building to participate in something like that. It’s getting to be too cold for me… and we have plenty of support people that need to be on the phone providing support! So I needed an idea that would work for everyone. Back to the drawing board.

Salvation Army

I decided to reach out to the Salvation Army and found that they have a program called, “The Salvation Army Adopt a Family/Senior in 2019.” I knew this was the right answer because people could either donate their time (shopping) their talents (wrapping) or their treasure (donations) to make it happen. And they didn’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time to get involved.

The Salvation Army guidelines for adopting a family included:

  • Provide a holiday meal in the form of a gift card to Price Chopper, Wal-Mart or Sun Fresh
  • Clothing for children and seniors (sizes provided from the families).
  • Gifts for children and seniors (requests from the families provided).

Here is the Adopt a Family Info Center I set up in our office to make it easy for everyone to get involved. Look at all the work I put into the binder cover art!

Omie's Adopt a Family Info Center - 2019

Most of our team members donated toys or money. And this ended up being a great team building experience! We delivered our donations on December 13th!

2019 Adopt a Family 2019 Adopt a Family

2019 Adopt a Family 2019 Adopt a Family


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