Network Security – A time bomb most businesses are watching without taking action.

Network Security - Time BombNetwork Security is often talked about in the news, but for the most part, small and medium businesses are not taking serious steps to reduce the risk. Based on working with businesses for years, there are several reasons companies aren’t dealing with this potentially catastrophic problem:

Network Security is a complex.

Cyber criminals have become very organized, very sophisticated and are investing in sophisticated technology to profit from network security breaches. The challenges they present are ever changing and are growing more complex. Coupled with the ever increasing number of network devices and changing network architectures, network security is a moving target.

Security resources are scarce.

Due to the rapid rise in cybersecurity incidents, the number of threat vectors and the massive business risk, the need for skilled resources is far outpacing the supply of these resources. Finding and retaining real cybersecurity experts is a real challenge.

Resource requirements ($) to reduce security threats are typically beyond what businesses are willing to spend.

Criminals don’t rest. And to reduce their ability to bypass your security requires sophisticated technology and personnel. These are combined with a Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor and react to threats.  The personnel required to staff the SOC are expensive (and scarce) and the sophisticated systems to provide the necessary tools and data to the SOC are also expensive.

Avid Communications‘ cybersecurity division understands the complexity of network security and provides a network security solution to businesses that is attainable and effective.

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