We put meaningful network protection within reach for any size business.

There’s a new hacking story in the news every week, so you already know you need security. But professional protection is expensive, and it can take a lot of learning and work on the customer’s part.

Nearly all of Avid’s product offerings include a Managed Firewall—at no additional charge. This type of protection (also known as a ‘stateful’ firewall) includes:

  • Dynamic Routing
  • WAN Load Balancing
  • QoS and Traffic Shaping
  • VLAN Tagging
  • IPSec VPN (site-to-site and remote access)
  • NAT/PNAT (source/destination).

Next Generation Protection: AvidFirewall NG

We’ve been at this for over a decade, so we’ve seen hackers get more sophisticated. For customers who need a higher level of security, AvidFirewall NG actually study attacks and learn how to identify them. They also connect to external intelligence sources to keep your protection current. AvidFirewall NG includes:

  • Detailed reporting on employee Internet usage
  • Blocking access to sites that are the source of malware, spyware, worms, and ransomware
  • Compliance with audit requirements such as PCI, HIPPA or SOC
  • Blocking access that can give rise to employer liability
  • Detailed reporting on the number and type of threats blocked by your firewall
  • Preventing the use of VPNs to bypass firewall policies
  • Blocking access to specific applications that can consume Internet bandwidth

Engineering Support

The most important feature of any Avid firewall is prompt and expert engineering support. (If you think you’ve been hacked, the last thing you want is to be put on hold!)

We can also help you choose the right level of protection. Regardless of whether you need our AvidFirewall NG Tier 1 or AvidFirewall NG Tier 2 or can make do with a standard firewall, we simplify the process and make even the most sophisticated security measures, affordable.