Avid Connector – Easy Telephony Integration with Custom CRMs

Avid Communications - Pieces of the PuzzleBy David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Over the years, customers have requested integration with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. CRM integration allows users to work more collaboratively, automatically getting information about callers and relating that to existing customer information within the CRM.

For the standard CRMs like Salesforce, Outlook, ConnectWise, NetSuite, etc., the integration is readily available. However, customers that have developed their own CRM, telephony integration can be much more difficult. Now, customers that have built their own CRM have an option. Avid has developed a framework for easy integration with the Avid IP phone service.

Avid Connector Details

Avid Connector is a .NET library that contains the base functions required to facilitate integration with  Avid Communications phone services. It supports both web applications via Java and local applications via .NET.

Major Functions Included:

  • Login/Out Avid Phone User
  • Dial out from application
  • Get State of Phone Line
  • Poll for Incoming Phone Calls
  • Receive and display incoming caller ID and phone number

Avid Connector – Example Files

The Avid Connector package includes a series of example files that will place calls, listen for calls, and receive incoming caller ID data.

There are three different demo applications:

  1. Simple Phone – .NET Framework (For Web)
  2. Simple Phone – Web Net CORE (For Web)
  3. Simple Phone – Win Forms (For Local Applications)

These demo files provide the information needed to call the functions provided in the .NET Library and how to handle the incoming data from the Avid voice platform. The functionally provided in the demo files is then integrated into your own custom solution to complete the integration.

If you have a custom CRM, you now have an easier way to integrate behind the scenes with the Avid voice platform! To learn more, please give us a call.

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