Enemies within your network?

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Enemies Within Your NetworkMost network security articles cover topics about keeping “bad actors” out of your network. But what if the problem is inside your network (ie., an employee or vendor working in your office?) Insiders pose a significant risk because they generally know where/what the vulnerabilities are in your systems. They also know the controls that are in place to monitor and deter rogue behavior.

Recently, our security operations center (SOC) detected large amounts of strange traffic to one of our customers. The traffic was going to an IP address that wasn’t associated with a website, company application or other locations that are typical for this company. Through a combination of our cloud based system, machine learning, and our security experts, the anomaly was found and traffic was stopped.

The individual had deployed a device that was purpose-built to avoid the detection of company network security (high UDP port ranges and encrypting the payload) and was moving data between another site and the office.

Unfortunately, network security risks come from both inside and outside your company.

To reduce your security threat, we recommend a combination of a sophisticated next generation firewall, security experts, logging and artificial intelligence. Avid’s security service provides this at attainable rates, so businesses can take advantage of these enterprise level security features. If you would like to know more, you can learn more on our network security page.

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