Customer Spotlight: The Pitch

The Pitch LogoWe’re excited to announce that The Pitch is one of our newest customers. We talked with Adam Carey, owner of The Pitch, about how he heard about us and why he made the decision to switch to Avid Communications.

We Were Stuck: An Unfortunate Situation for Internet and Phone

Adam Carey became the owner and COO of The Pitch in early 2018. One of the things he learned early on is that they were contractually locked into a costly relationship for internet and phone service. (This is something common in our industry. An agreement is made for multiple years, making it challenging to switch providers.) They were paying $1,500/month for 9 phone lines and a 10MB internet connection. Even worse, the 10MB connection wasn’t reliable.

Their contract was for three years, and they were in the second year of service. To get out of the contract, they would’ve had to pay 75% of the remaining months as an early termination fee. (More thank $20K.) Yikes! That was cost prohibitive. So they stayed with their previous provider until they got to the third and final year of the contract.

Enter Avid Communications

Adam learned that other people in his building use Avid for their internet and phones. And then he was referred to Avid Communications from one of his friends that uses Avid for his business. So Adam called Nikki Fisher to see what his options were. Avid was able to provide nine VoIP phones and an internet connection that was reliable and five times faster (50MB) for hundreds of dollars less per month.

So Adam decided to pay the contract termination fee and switch to Avid. They would be able to get better products and services, and once they save enough on their monthly bill to cover the termination fee, they’ll save close to $1,000 per month ongoing. The math really made sense. It’s not often you get more for less, but this was one of those cases.

Adam said, “The installation went really well. We ended up needing new routers in addition to the phones and internet connection, so we rolled that cost into our monthly contract. One of the things my team loves about their new phones is that they each get to have their own personalized on hold music and message. They also like the dedicated Avid Support button that’s on each phone. It’s really nice to finally be getting support from a company here in Kansas City that we can call… and someone answers.”

The Corvino Story

It’s interesting how timing works out. Someone on our team was planning to eat dinner at Corvino recently and noticed that it was hard to get a reservation. They were pretty busy when they arrived at their 5:15pm reservation. When they asked their server about their popularity, Eddie said, “ever since we were listed as the Best Restaurant in Kansas City in The Pitch, we’ve been crazy busy.” (The food was great!)

The Pitch has lots of ways to help local companies get the word out… and one of those is their Best Of Series each year. There are 372 categories that help just about any business increase their brand awareness. The Corvino story is a perfect example.

We’re proud to have The Pitch as a customer. And we really appreciated Adam taking the time to tell us his experience from start to finish for this story. Are you happy with your current internet and phone provider? If not, and you feel stuck, it’s probably worth a conversation. We would love to talk with you!

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