Midnight Farm. Now even the animals have WiFi.

By Mark Lindsay, Account Executive at Avid Communications.

Midnight FarmWe recently installed WiFi connectivity for Midnight Farm in Baldwin City, Kansas. If you haven’t heard of Midnight Farm, they offer a variety of experiences for CLO consumers in a beautiful, rural setting. (CLO stands for Community Living Opportunities.)

Clients participate in animal engagement and care activities, as well as golf cart driving/maintenance opportunities. Midnight Farm also offers clients the chance to cultivate their green thumbs and creative side with a variety of agricultural activities in the gardens and greenhouse, and a myriad of art spaces promising hands-on encounters with pottery, ceramics, textiles, printmaking, mosaics, sculpture, and more!

The music program offers instrumental classes, including ukulele and Djembe drumming, musical theater and vocal music. The newest addition to Midnight Farm is the expansion of their on-site work program, where professional work experience can be combined with a safe learning environment.

The WiFi Project

Midnight FarmThis is one of six locations that we’ve worked on for Rachel Wydeven and David MacDonald.

Midnight Farm has several classes for special needs children, a garden and an event space for weddings and other events. As a result, there is quite an area to cover for access to WiFi. We were able to combine our Ubiquiti access points with a mesh product that now provides WiFi inside all their spaces as well as most of the grounds around the farm.

One of the unique requirements was gear installation on the peak of the facility. This is higher than we normally install access points! Mike McDowell is on the very top and the next level down is Bo Randall. They did a great job on this installation.

We are so glad that Midnight Farm is a client. We really enjoyed working in their environment… and petting a few animals along the way.

Midnight Farm Midnight Farm

Midnight Farm Midnight Farm

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