Centralized Supply Chain Services (CSCS) Moves to Teams Voice

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications

More and more companies are asking Avid to help them move to Microsoft Teams Voice. When companies move to Teams Voice with Avid, they get to leverage our extensive knowledge of providing hosted voice service, carrier voice network and customer service. 

Centralized Supply Chain Services LogoRecently, Avid worked with Centralized Supply Chain Services to convert their Avid Hosted phone service to Microsoft Teams Voice. The decision to move to Microsoft’s Teams voice was largely based on their desire to unify and optimize their communications within the Teams desktop and mobile platforms.

James Hennahane, Cloud Systems Administrator, and Coki Reardon, Director, Enterprise Systems and Program Management led the decision to move to Teams Voice. James said: “CSCS uses Microsoft Teams as an integrated hub for internal/external collaboration throughout the Applebee’s & IHOP supply chain systems, so it made sense to convert our phone numbers to Teams Voice to centralize our communications within the Teams desktop and mobile platforms. AVID led the way with the conversion as they were able to make secure and seamless backend changes resulting in a successful migration for all CSCS associates.”

Companies have two choices when moving to Teams Voice:

Centralized Supply Chain Management1) Direct Routing – connects the Microsoft Teams Phone System to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to deliver calls via a telephony provider like Avid

2) Microsoft Calling Plans – external calls are delivered with Microsoft as the PSTN carrier using Microsoft’s price plans for domestic and international calls

Prior to converting all of their associates to Teams Voice, CSCS tested the Teams Voice functionality with a few individual users and their Microsoft Teams Rooms using Microsoft calling plans. After the testing, CSCS wanted to leverage Avid’s network, expertise and ongoing support and worked with us to migrate all of their users and Microsoft Teams Rooms to Avid’s Direct Routing. 

Efficient Provisioning

Avid has built an automated provisioning system that automatically configures all the users, assigns telephone numbers, sets up automated attendants, call queues, schedules, groups, calling policies and the direct routing required to set up Microsoft Teams Voice in our customer’s Microsoft account. The automated process takes a few minutes and our customer has a fully functional Teams Voice configuration based on their specific needs. This solution uses Avid’s fast, reliable and secure network to route calls.

Avid looks forward to continuing to work with CSCS.  After supporting the CSCS team for years on our hosted VoIP platform, we look forward to supporting them using Microsoft Teams Voice. We provide support for changes and any troubleshooting that may be needed. And we have dedicated, local support answering when our customers need help.

Centralized Supply Chain Management Centralized Supply Chain Management

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