Customer Spotlight: GoodLife Innovations, Inc.

By Mark Lindsay, Account Executive at Avid Communications

Goodlife Innovations, Inc. LogoOur most recent customer success story is about GoodLife Innovations, Inc.

We love working with companies that are making a difference, and this is definitely one of those companies. GoodLife Innovations provides services and solutions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their vision is to redefine what’s possible for supporting people to live independent, satisfying, and purposeful lives.

We’ve been working with sister organizations of theirs for years. Those organizations have been happy with our business phone systems, NextGen Firewall and support, so when the phone system started to fail at GoodLife Innovations, we were the next call on their list (probably from a cell phone since their phones stopped working.)

You need a business phone system that works.

Goodlife InnovationsThe goal for this project was to install our business phone system at all three of their locations at roughly the same time. So we scheduled the primary installation and pre-configured phones to ship out to the satellite locations. (When we pre-configure phones, all our customer has to do is plug them into an ethernet connection with internet access and they start working.)

We had scheduled an installation date for the main location, but started getting calls that their previous system was going down all the time. We moved the install date up by one week so they could get back to focusing on their business instead of the problems with their old phone system. The installation went smoothly… we were in and out in an hour.

Avid Communications works with any network.

We installed our NextGen firewall at the main location. One of the remote locations was a network we already managed in Lawrence, Kansas, so phone setup in that environment was straight forward (again, plug it in and it works.) The third location in Iola, Kansas wasn’t on a network we managed, but plugging in the phone worked there as well. The point is that we can work with a company at whatever level of access they want to provide to our team.

Most of the department heads at GoodLife Innovations were familiar with our phone system, so the majority of the training was with the person managing incoming calls. I was able to walk them through the features of our business phone and double check that the call flow programming that we did was working properly. And it’s worth expanding on that a bit… based on the number that was called, they wanted call routing to behave differently. By setting this up, we have given them much more efficient routing of incoming call traffic to their three locations.

“We needed an efficient phone system to handle several physical locations with ease. We’ve been happy with the services AVID has provided for us in the past, so they were our first call when we identified the need for an updated system.”
Beth McCoach, Director of iLink Research & Development

More About GoodLife Innovations

GoodLife Innovations, Inc. is redefining what’s possible for seniors and people with disabilities. They offer a growing collection of community living service models, support services, and technologies to deliver affordable, high-quality, sustainable care. GoodLife provides a full spectrum of community-based supports across the lifespan of need for more than 500 individuals in the state of Kansas. Services include day, residential, behavioral and health, therapeutic, life planning, and educational support. The goal of GoodLife’s services is to empower people to live as independently as possible regardless of their level of needed support.

To learn even more about GoodLife Innovations, please visit their website.

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