Customer Spotlight: Parker Swearngin, LLP

By Mark Lindsay, Account Executive at Avid Communications

Parker Swearngin LLPFor years, Parker Swearngin, LLP has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. Their expertise ranges from tax returns for individuals, partnerships, trusts & corporations, to business consulting, new company set up, IRS examinations, as well as payroll and bookkeeping services for large and small businesses. They combine their expertise, experience, and a team mentality to assure every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. And they’ve been a client of Avid Communications for years.

Going from One Location to Two

The prospect of going from one location to two is daunting. What works for one location might not work for multiple locations, especially when it comes to your technical infrastructure. That was the case for Parker Swearngin. At their original office, they had a PRI connection for their phone system.

Quick Aside… What is a PRI?

PRI, or Primary Rating Interface, is a type of connection between a premise-based phone system and the Public Switched Telephone Network. It’s been around since the 1980s.

The problem… and the solution.

The PRI connection had been working fine for one location. But it was time to add a second location.

We worked with Parker Swearngin’s IT Company, Pro Computer Solutions, to determine the best way to connect both offices. During the planning phase, it became obvious that replicating the current setup at the second location would be more expensive than converting both locations to our fully hosted VoIP business solution. As a result, we started the process for getting all of the phones at both locations moved over to our hosted VoIP business phone solution.

An interesting situation for this install was that many of the staff would have desks at both locations. And they would be at both locations regularly throughout the week. With the flexibility of our VoIP phone solution, we were able to set things up so that an incoming call would ring desk phones at both locations, at the same time, for a given employee.

This is how many of our customers are operating right now… an incoming call rings an office phone and a home phone or cell phone. That way, whether the employee is working remotely or in the office, the caller doesn’t know the difference. We are doing the same thing at Avid.

Daneen ThurmanParker Swearngin also wanted to be able to park a call, and then pick that call up at either location… this would allow for a seamless transition for their customers, regardless of what location an employee is working from on a given day. Done.

Thanks Daneen!

We enjoyed working with Daneen Thurman at Parker Swearngin for this project. She helped us make sure that all the requirements were covered so that the partners of the company would be happy and that the transition would be as smooth as possible. And she loved that there’s an Avid Button on every phone that the staff can press to get immediate, local support for their phone system.

Another happy customer!

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