Technology can be complex, answers don’t have to be.

Recently, I met with a company struggling with voice and data technology – specifically, performance and cost issues.

The company has a complex mix of technologies that allows their data and phones to work seamlessly between offices. For those of you that are more technical, they have a cloud based Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system and Virtual Private Network (VPN) between their offices.

Their problem is the recent move to a cloud based VOIP phone system that has led to reliability and quality issues, especially at their main location. Their current phone system provider advised them that a cloud based version of their existing system would be the best solution for their main office and two smaller regional offices. Unfortunately, this was bad advice because it didn’t work well.

We met to talk about their problems and I knew that our Gigabit Complete solution would be the right answer.

Google Fiber Tech PartnerWe were able to use Google fiber for their primary bandwidth at the main location, and convert from their existing cloud based phone system to Avid’s cloud based VOIP service.

Their current VOIP system requires all of their voice traffic to travel over the Internet (something not clearly explained to the customer) where Quality of Service (QoS) can’t be guaranteed. The quality of their phone calls was inconsistent and disappointing.

With Avid’s VOIP solution, the voice traffic will go over the Google internet connection directly to Avid’s voice network without having to go over the Internet – QoS is guaranteed.

Our solution for the VPN problem relies on our direct connection to Google’s fiber network. We will provide a managed gigabit router/firewall at the main location that ties into the Google fiber network directly. This means that their corporate data will move between offices quickly.

Our partnership with Google allows us to give them fifty times more data bandwidth through our Gigabit Complete solution. This turns into vastly improved voice and data performance, all while saving the company a significant amount of money every month. And that’s the perfect solution. Better products and services for less money.

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