Our clients design new Avid services

This week we added two new services and they were both suggested by clients. It’s nice to have a company where we can take these concepts and roll out the service in the same day.


For just $50 per month, a small or new business can get:

  • main phone number
  • a fax number and a standard fax line with 200 minutes of long distance
  • incoming fax server
  • use of an Automated Attendant that can route incoming calls to voicemail, email, cell phones or other existing lines
  • a company unified messaging account with web-based control

This gives a business a professional presence and great communications functionality for very little money. And this solution can grow with the business into a full-fledged solution of almost any size.

VIRTUAL PHONE NUMBERS (referred to by AT&T as Telebranch service)

These numbers can be set up to forward to another line without the need to order an actual line. In the past, businesses have used them to set up a local number in another city that forwards to their office. But they can also be used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by using different numbers associated with different ads or signs. From Avid, the service costs $45 for three months service or $225 for a whole year–way cheaper and better than from AT&T!

So if you have an idea, ask us. It might just pay off.

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