Meet Mike McDowell, our lead field technician

Mike McDowellFor many of our customers, no introduction is needed when talking about Mike McDowell. Mike is one of the public faces of Avid and is our lead field technician.

Mike’s technical skills are great, but his personality is what scores highly with our clients. Ever calm, always pleasant, he can communicate the technical aspects of any situation to even the least technical person.

Mike can claim 21 years in the industry, starting with Progressive Telecom in St. Joseph and also working at Birch Telecom on his way to Avid.

Over the years, we’ve asked Mike to master a variety of technologies and provide a wide range of support to our clients. He does it all with a smile, although that smile isn’t quite as broad when he has to climb high up on a roof to service an antenna!

Mike and his wife Franke reside just outside St. Joseph, Mo., so he’s got a bit of a commute. And we keep him on the road doing installations all over Kansas City, so he racks up the miles.

He and his wife are “lake people,” enjoying fishing and boating at a place they have not too far from St. Joe.

Paint the Parkway Pink

Paint the Parkway PinkEvery Fall, leisure at the lake takes a backseat to his involvement in the annual “Paint the Parkway Pink” fundraiser for breast-cancer research. Franke founded the event eight years ago to honor her mother, Teresa Majewski, who died from breast cancer when Franke was 13 years old.

Mike and Franke have been key to this event, the first such fundraiser in St. Joe, which attracts nearly 1,200 participants each year. (See more details at

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