Coffee Talk with T. J. Sauder: Implementing Business VoIP

Sometimes, you want to get straight to the punch line. This is especially true for many people we meet who are considering moving their phones to the cloud by using business VoIP services. It’s pretty easy to fall into a world of jargon and confusion.

Avid Communicatinos: T. J. Sauder - Implementing Business VoIPSo we sat down with our resident expert on business VoIP, Avid partner T. J. Sauder, and asked him to de-mystify the topic. T. J. is a man of few words- but they’re well-chosen, precise and direct. That’s exactly what’s needed for this technical topic.

We liked the result so much that we intend to make this the very first of what we’re calling “Coffee Talk” Bringing straightforward advice from our experts on an array of topics important to our clients.

So, without further ado, please click the link below to download our Implementing Business VoIP White Paper. It’s like a discussion over coffee with T. J. (except without the coffee, which he doesn’t drink anyway.)

Avid Communciations: Implementing Business VoIP

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