Employee Spotlight: Laren Landgren, Agent Manager at Avid Communications

Laren LandgrenWe recently sat down with Laren Landgren to talk about the journey that led to him working at Avid Communications. Laren manages our channel partnership program.

What did you do before coming to work for Avid?

I worked at Consolidated Communications for seven years. For people that know Taylor, our Director of Sales, she also worked at Consolidated previously. We were friends and worked together on the direct sales side of the business. Six months after I started, I was given the opportunity to work with channel partners. So I became part of a team responsible for improving relationships with agents and referral partners. I did that for six years and enjoyed the work and the relationships.

I enjoy working with phone vendors, IT vendors, consultants… all of them able to provide qualified introductions to potential clients. These consultants are carrier neutral… and bring us in because of trusted relationship.

I started with Avid in October of 2017 with the specific goal of creating a channel program.

It took about 6-12 months to get the program up and running. There were lots of things to get in place. Technical processes. Formalizing the Avid Channel program and getting the Avid name out to potential agents. Setting up channel networking events twice a year. Creating the process to communicate monthly financial reporting to channel agents. And more. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Favorite thing about working for Avid?

Being at a smaller company… everyone is willing to help out. This ultimately results in customers getting the best service. I have great relationships with the people I work with. And I really enjoy the team outings that bring us together. I’m involved in training for the sales team based on my background in direct sales.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

Anything dealing with sports… coaching and watching kid sporting events. Playing golf and watching all kinds of sports. My favorite team is the KU Jayhawks basketball team. Something not everyone knows about me is that I enjoy singing… I’m a tenor.

Favorite place to visit?

We always go somewhere new. We took our second cruise to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. The hurricane damage was still visible and was eye-opening for our kids. The kids love Disneyland and Disney World. Our in-laws have a cabin in Canada. It’s good to see the bigger world and share those experiences together.

We’re glad to have Laren on our team! He’s a team player and an important part of our growth.

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