Employee Spotlight: Audrey Tomlinson, the newest addition to our Agent Team

By Laren Landgren, Agent Manager at Avid Communications

I’m very excited to welcome Audrey Tomlinson to the Agent team! But some of you may not know about the agent team, so let me share a little more about that first…

Avid’s Agent Program

Avid’s Agent program was officially started almost three years ago. This program allows us to partner with various businesses and individuals that provide service and support to other businesses. These include information technology vendors, consultants, security vendors, audio/video experts and many others. They already have a trusted relationship with their customers. And partnering with Avid is a great way for them to bring professional voice and internet services to those customers. We have a vested interest to work together with our agents to provide great service to their customers.

If you were wondering, we compensate our Agents for referring us to their clients. It’s a win/win for everyone. Many of the companies we develop Agent relationships with don’t have internal expertise related to voice and internet services. Or they simply prefer to focus on what they do best and bring us in as the experts. Ultimately, the customer benefits from our team based approach.

Audrey’s Background

Avid Communications - Employee Spotlight: Audrey TomlinsonBefore Audrey joined the Agent team, she was in direct sales for Avid. She joined us about a year ago. Before Avid, she graduated from Truman State University and did an internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Audrey was asked to join the Agent team because of her great personality, attention to detail, and her ability to work well with anyone. Her skills and experience fit well with the customers of the Agent program, and she is doing a great job bringing on new customers as well.

As part of the team expansion, we’ve set up a new contact email for our agents to use. That new address is avid-agent@avidphone.com. This will allow our agents to reach both of us with questions or referrals.

Audrey will be working with our agent’s existing customers for renewal of their services, adding new services and also being an additional point of contact for them. We knew she would be successful in helping us bring on additional Agents… not only in the Kansas City area, but also in Des Moines, IA, Lincoln, NE and other surrounding areas.

Outside of work, Audrey likes to stay active. She’s part of a soccer league and loves to play pickup games of Spikeball or pickleball. Off the field, you can find her somewhere on a patio grabbing happy hour with her friends. As a St. Louis native, she loves making trips home to see family and catching Cardinals games.

Expanding the Agent Program

Being able to expand the Agent program from one person (me) to two people with the addition of Audrey is going to allow us to do much more. We have many additional resources planned such as an agent resource section on our website. We will also have an agent portal where they can download sales and marketing assets as well as technical documentation that they need for current customers and prospects. And when we all start meeting in person again, we will also have more education and networking events for our agents.

We’re excited for the opportunities ahead and we’re thrilled that Audrey is now part of the Agent team. If you’re not part of the Avid Agent program and you would like to know more, please reach out to us for more information. Simply email avid-agent@avidphone.com or call 816-994-7072. We look forward to hearing from you!

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