Do you need a Next-Generation Firewall?

Next-Gen FirewallCyber-security is admittedly a complex topic, and most of the information out there is geared for those with some familiarity of the topic, making it jargon heavy and difficult to consume for executives and business owners.

Knowing this and the temptation for procrastination, we at Avid have been working for quite some time to simplify this so our clients can address this head-on, get it done and sleep better at night knowing they’ve addressed security threats to their business.

We’ve cut out (almost) all the jargon and have created a quick online survey that any business owner can complete in a few minutes. It will tell you whether you need a next-generation firewall or not, and whether you need a higher level of support.

Take the survey to learn more.

Next-Gen Firewall Survey(Punch line: You almost certainly DO need a next-gen firewall and you probably DON’T need a more costly implementation.)

But we encourage you to take the survey. Not only will it be a strong first step to addressing risk, but you will get a pretty good idea of just what a next-gen firewall can do for you.

Incidentally, we’re also announcing our product offering: AvidFirewall NG. It’s comprehensive, affordable and simple.
(We’re not announcing it too loudly because there’s already an order backlog.)

More about AvidFirewall NG in a future post!

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